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Disorder is a mobile team-shooter game created by NetEase Games. It is a squad-based team shooter with anti-nuclear war imagery and it centers around the theme of warfare in 2030, where armed factions are constantly fighting each other over nuclear weapons and money.
In addition to the anti-war theme, it also contains some unique gameplays embedded with various interesting elements and story, which makes it distinguished from other shooter games.
This mobile shooter game, in which characters, weapons and talents will be updated in battle, is characterized with its multiple distinctive characters, multiple game modes, immersive experience and a more balance game plays.


Anemone IconAzrail IconBeretta IconEnfield Icon

Falcon IconMahakala IconNightingale IconPlaguedoctor Icon

Prometheus IconRenata IconRyo Chino IconSafar Icon

Saluki IconScavenger IconShrike IconVulture Icon


Cadaver Unit IconGhost Puppet IconPale Knights Icon

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